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Now no more network problems, no more call drops and no more headache on long calls, say hello to Swifttele. Yes, Swifttele brings you the next generation telephony. Enjoy the uninterrupted telephone calls with your loved ones or your customers with crystal clear voice quality and great reliability. We offer our services on fiber optic cable, which is terminated at your home / office. No electromagnetic interference, no humming sound and no crackling sounds, all you here is, the crystal clear voice of the person you are talking to. Do you know that you can be helped 10 times quicker if you use landline phone in case of emergency?.

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experience the power of speed. Swifttele offers you the most powerful and reliable internet connection based on the next generation technology you can ever imagine. One decision, one connection, one cable, and 3 services. Yes, its all triple play. We pack data, voice, and the TV all in one light, the light which travels to you as fast as a blink of your eye. Its fiber to the home, a new power to your home. Swifttele brings you the pure FTTH services through rock solid infrastructure. Our state of the art underground optical fiber gives you uninterrupted connectivity for the life. Enjoy the difference.

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Best web hosting solutions. Owning a website is easy with Swifttele. We provide you best in class web hosting solutions to keep your web applications running smoothly without any difficulty. All our Linux and windows shared hosting plans are packed with services like, FTP access, email hosting , databases, sub domains, script management, DNS management, SSL and many more. We also have virtual private hosting and dedicated hosting services for more customized solutions.

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Powerful and reliable email. Thinking of your name@your domain.com? Yes, you just name it, we do it.Swifttele makes custom email solutions more affordable. Now individuals can have their email addresses on their own Domain names. We provide enterprise email solution on multiple platforms like, Microsoft exchange, blackberry enterprise services, windows mobility and more.

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We offer host of enterprise services on our next generation network to care your business needs. All our products are future proof, offering you 99.9 percent up time guaranty. Click on the link to know more about the service we offer. PBX, telephony with in your building. VOIP, voice over internet protocol. Leased lines. VSAT, Very Small Aperture Terminal. Data center solutions. Shared and dedicated hosting. Email hosting. Cloud services. We got flexible packages to suit your imaginations. .

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Bridging the gap Swifttele stands tall in the area of leased line services to create a strong bridge between your offices to make connections easy. Swifttele has pan india contacts to get your branches connected to each other to interlink your businesses / offices to share your network infrastructure for more Private communication. We offer variety of leased circuits like managed leased lines, internet leased lines, international leased line and submarine leased lines.

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Put your things on the cloud. Swifttele has a very advance cloud infrastructure to host your software activity on the cloud.No need to build and maintain expensive servers, no need to hire server administrators, no disaster management and no more security risks. Give us the burden, and work with peace of mind. All your computing stuff is hosted on our cloud, and will be delivered to you by internet.

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Data Centers

Rock solid data centers. we got rock solid data center solutions for you to safe guard your critical applications and information. The data centers are protected 24x7 with the industry standard security and world class technology. Now no more phalanges of maintaining expensive hardware and software to host your applications and information. Swifttele will do it for you. Your data safety is our responsibility.

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No matter where you are, we get you connected VSAT, very small aperture terminal this service by Swifttele will get you connected where ever you are. We deliver leased line services through satellite all over india in order to get you connected in the places where physical or radio links are challenged. Swifttele provides both data and voice services on VSAT. .

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Digital PBX

Now make your communication more powerful Make your telephone set on your desk a powerful tool to increase productivity. Swifttele has a variety of solutions to full fill your communication needs with in your office space. Digital / IP PBX, we can install and deploy a world class telecommunication system in your office which will get your employs a rich communication platform to talk to each other for a better productivity. If you are not likely to deal with full office wiring or maintaining telecommunication hardware.

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VOIP Services

Best voice over internet solutions Our enterprise sip solution gives you flexibility of deploying voice over internet protocol across your network for compatibility between vast range of IP telephony hardware and software. The VOIP services are hosted on state of the art infrastructure based on industry standards to provide you with the most up to date technology.

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Swifttele for Homes

Smart homes for smart living. Swifttele helps builders to build smart townships and apartments. With the communication experts we have on board, we turn your venture into a digital station powered by smart intercom systems, high speed internet service, television, security systems, CCTV, heating ventilation air conditioning and complete home automation services. Got a existing old building? Give us a call, Swifttele will turn it into a most advanced venture with our world class technology.